Sunday, August 5, 2012

Tiffany is Coming

Tiffany is coming to visit me next week. I haven't seen her or her family since December at my other grandson's birthday party.  Now that we live further apart, it's harder to manage a visit. My home isn't childproof in the least so they'll have to stay in a motel :(. Can't be helped though. Two out of 3 of them are allergic to cats anyway.

Rocky after his shower.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Visiting with Tiffany and Her Family

Right before Christmas I went to a bit of a family reunion and got to see Tiffany and her family.  It's a good thing I got to see them then, because they had other plans on Christmas to visit her husband's parents.
I got some candy she made and mailed down to me though. It was delicious. She loves to make candy but only has time to do it about once a year.
Here are photos from my other grandson's birthday party. Must be fun to be one.

Grandpa with 2 grandsons

Hudson shows us his karate.

Hudson with his parents

The party had a puppy theme